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Addiction Treatment Therapy & Counselling Services

Karren-Lee Addictionology® specialises in treating the chronic malady of processed food addiction and comorbid substances (nicotine, alcohol) which is similar to treating other addiction diseases such as alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our counselling and advisory services cover a wide range of areas to those that have been affected by the malady of addiction, which is a multi-faceted disease, wreaking disharmony, chaos, disunity and misunderstanding among family, friends, work colleagues and communities alike. This may include relationship, grief, and or general counselling services to help with life manageability (post addiction treatment), motivation, conflict resolution, emotional concerns, and or other personal issues.

“A Family Disease, a Family Recovery.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling offers clients a confidential and safe environment to explore and understand their thoughts and feelings with a trained professional. Services include relationship, grief, and addiction counselling.

Yes. Online meeting platforms are available and have proven to be effective and successful in treating patients for processed food addiction both nationally and internationally.

Typically a consult is approx. 60 minutes.

Modern technology like ZOOM enables efficient global management, support, and delivery of online treatment for processed food addiction and counselling across various time zones. Dr. Raymond (PhD) successfully treats international patients, yielding positive outcomes.

During the assessment phase, Dr Raymond (PhD) can recommend a treatment plan which includes estimated duration.

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Peínamania: Processed Food Addiction — ‘Disease VS. Redemption’ A Processed…

Abstract The processed food addict is treated for the disease of processed food addiction, NOT for being a ‘weak-willed glutton’. Individuals who are or who know someone with the predisposition to processed food addiction will identify here, and no doubt apply their own spin on this – not being a worthy human being, not being […]

The Disease of Processed Food Addiction: Treating the Cause, Not the…

Abstract Trying to control what one ingests, is analogous to trying to control an alcoholics drinking which is absurd if that person suffers from the disease of alcoholism. History reiterates time and again many and varied approaches in treating the symptoms of alcoholism by trying to control ones drinking of liquor including; religious approaches, psychiatric […]

History Repeats – Processed Food Addiction: A 21st Century Phenomenon

Nobody wants to be a processed food addict… Are you exhausted from the infinite control methods including dieting, starving, exercising, and weight loss centers? Willpower doesn’t work. Yes, you can stop eating processed food for a while, but staying stopped is another matter. The obsession is always with you—food and weight, weight, and food. It is […]

Please note neither Dr Karren-Lee Raymond (PhD) nor anyone else at Karren-Lee Addictionology® are medical doctors or registered psychologists. Dr Raymond (PhD) holds degrees in psychology, counselling and a PhD in addiction studies. Dr Raymond (PhD) services are particularly limited to addiction and counselling. Please refer any general health related matters, including the potential diagnosis of any condition, and or any information regarding prescription medicine to your G.P., psychiatrist or to a suitably qualified practitioner.